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Brand: Travelvax
Product Code: Debugger
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The Equip DeBugger enables you to treat any material with permethrin. If you require maximum insect protection, you require this product! Suitable for treating clothing, nets, bed sheets etc.

Permethrin is an insecticide that kills mosquitoes and other insects when they come in contact with materials have been impregnated with the substance.

The Permethrin Impregnation Pack contains:
- Medical and Kit Information Instruction Leaflet
- Personal Protection Items
- Protective Gloves x 2
- 10mL Syringe x 1
- Snaplock Mixing Bag x 1
- 20mL Permethrin (500g/L) x 1

Directions for Use:
Detailed instructions and safety directions are described in the enclosed Instruction Leaflet